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May 04, 2007



If anyone from the Fashion Informer had bothered to talk to the designer of the “Playboy Bunny homage” they would have realized that it was not some sort of runway costume, but a look from a LINGERIE collection. Before passing snide judgment all of the facts should be in place. The garment had nothing to do with Playboy. The inspiration for the collection was the trench coat, hence the color, details and look of the garment. If the Fashion Informer cannot appreciate a good-looking woman in a sexy outfit then it is dealing with the wrong line of business. For your information the model enjoyed her experience as did the designer, and if the look was so eye-catching why didn’t the Fashion Informer take advantage of the opportunity of talking with the designer? Your review is as childish and immature as a little boy playing peeping tom in a public bathroom.


Lauren, I would like to apologize on behalf of the rest of the Parsons student body - the previous comment is overly confrontational and childish - primary example of why student designers are not taken seriously in the industry. Ashly’s puerile banter only shows bitterness and malevolence after falling short of making it into the benefit show. Ashly - If you can not take public criticism about your work, YOU are in the wrong line of business. Your clothing is only as relevent as how it is received by the audience - everyone's opinion is valid.

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