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July 19, 2007



I just tried the their sunscreen spf 30 and I love it! It does absorb into my skin and gives it taht matte finish without any oily and or greasy look to it like most sunscreen. I just love their products!

Fulvic Acid Minerals

Mineral sunscreens are much safer in protecting against UV damage compared to commercial brands.


Thanks for this. I thought you may also want to know about this one: Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+. Similarly, it's a mineral block, no chemicals and it's formulated for skin that breaks out (like mine)but is moisturizing and soothing enough for dry skin.

The moisture and texture of my skin is quite improved since I've been using it. No breakouts and no whiteness and it feels very light on. I haven't tried it with Retina A yet but will this winter. It is very mild and is for sensitive skin, so I have high expectations. I mix it with a mineral foundation powder which has really simplified my routine, and it's absolutely perfect - a natural looking coverage, and it's cheaper than you could imagine online.

They also make a body block which I used all summer.

-best, rachel

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