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December 05, 2012



Last October I invested in an Eileen Fisher sweater coat, something to transition from fall into winter outerwear. I am not wealthy but I believe in buying the highest quality I can reasonably afford. I have a few Eilen Fisher pieces that were given as gifts, all of which are for warmer weather. I have been satisfied with their quality, so it was much to my dismay and surprise when my very expensive new sweater coat immediately began to pill and shed like a much lower quality garment. After wearing it once it looked quite worn, all over! I no longer have the sales receipt and certainly would have returned it otherwise. Now every time I wear it, I must brush it to remove the pills and shedding. This isn't just minor pilling. This is full blown scruffiness and I very much doubt this is intended. To say the least, I am very disappointed , expecting better quality given the price charged and the reputation of the Eileen Fisher

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