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June 20, 2007


candid cool

i guess it is that serious


It's nothing new:) They run these ads regularly, particularly in WWD.

J C Sprowls

So well done. Humorous with hint of litigation. So much unlike Levi's hit-you-over-the-head ads.

The problem for Chanel is the home sewing venue. This ad should not only appear in WWD. But, it should also appear in Threads and Sew News, too. Those are the folks who co-opt the Chanel name and (dare I say...) take it in vain.


But what of model darlings Coco Rocha and Chanel Iman? Could they be next in line for cease and desist letters from Chanel, Inc's lawyers?


I have seen these types of ads before and they never cease to amaze me. I don't think they do a bit of good and may actually entice or 'challenge' some people to try and defy them.

I also think that people know very well the difference between authentic Gucci and Gucci-inspired bags like those found at baghaus.com or similar websites. Surely they don't think the public is quite that dumb?

The Fashion Informer

Yea, I don't get the point either. Maybe it's something their lawyers force them to do every so often? It is good for a laugh, though.

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