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February 04, 2010



oh, I love this interview :) thanksss

Laura Wehrman

Great Lauren!! I love Tavi and think that she is amazing!! Been reading her blog for about a year or so. Another "nice" fashion person to add to the growing list.

I wish that the internet had been around when I was a kid and one of the only in my school into serious fashion!



What an awesome interview! Thank you!

The Fashion Informer

Thanks, Laura. I agree that what Tavi's doing is amazing. I wish I had been half that self-possessed and articulate at her age! Hell, I'm not that self-possessed and articulate now. ;)



I've been popping into Tavi's ever since she started it (got to know about it via the now-closed Fashion Robot, who gave Tavi her first ever fashion-blog appearance) and I honestly don't get the fuss or the outrage.

She's smarter and more articulate than some bloggers twice her age, and more honest too- I'd really like to see what her writing is like when she gets older.

Jean Spare of Wholesale Clothing

She really is wise beyond her years. I just hope this won't rob her of the great times one can have as a kid. Great interview by the way.

plaid suits

It's great to know Tavi G. even more. I hope you create more posts like this. It's always interesting to us readers everything about fashion guru's.

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