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March 30, 2009



it's so refreshing to see these questions.. sick of the same old boring whats ur inspiration crap!

So well done... had fun reading .. never a dull moment.. :)


i actually had the pleasure to hear daniel speak at fidm where i go to school and where daniel graduated from. when my teacher first informed me that we were going to listen to a former graduate talk i was a little taken back and didnt think i would of enjoyed it as much as i did. he really had wonderful things to say and was very inpirational to all of us. he answered as many questions as he could and he had very intelligant answers to every question. i ended up buying his book and read it cover to cover in one day. i find it really inspirational that he graduated from the school i am attending.


Wonderfully everything I and many others thought of Daniel thru Runway and since.... simple, sweet, and appreciative....thanks for the shared unique take in this interview and I, like many are looking forward to seeing his work in the Spring.


I would love for daniel to make a classy evening gown for me, and take me to dinner as well.


I like that his parents taught him that it's ok to dream big. A lot of his success could be due to his family's upbringing.

emmah brinkswalter

this unique interview shared by this post is indeed heartwarming. i really have to get off from doing excercise pertaining to build leg muscle since if i had Daniel make me a gown i should impress the audience and gain a massive impact on my physique. i love his success in his career.

Kathryn Phillips

I like the questions being posted. They can really trigger our minds to think and to remember our precious moments.

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